Online Booking


E Booker fares are estimates based on East Herts Council Table of Fares (metered rates -see main site).

Visitors can use this area, without registering their details, in order to obtain an indication of the likely cost of a journey.

Visitors must be registered and logged in to make a firm booking.

When making a firm booking visitors can select the “cash” payment option but on conclusion of their journey may still decide to pay the fare to the driver by debit/credit card (all Associated Taxis’ Drivers accept Debit and Credit Cards).

Once registered, visitors preferring to pre-pay for their booking can store their Debit or Credit Card details and may then pre-pay any booking by selecting the “card” payment option. When considering this payment option please see the note below.

** Fares pre-paid on the E Booker will result in the card charged being blocked for the estimated fare plus a margin Only the Final fare will be charged to the card. Blocked amounts are:-

“Fare estimated £5 or under (+£3)”

“Fare estimated £5 – £15 (+£5)”

“Fare estimated above £15 (+£10)” **